Open Yard storage

OSS FZC Open Yard storage

OSS FZC is a Storage & Logistics company that primarily provides an Open Yard Storage Facility for Rent in Sharjah. Located in Hamriyah Freezone, with an Open Yard Storage Facility of 260,000 sq ft is fully fenced, along with perimeter lighting and is monitored by a 24 hours on-site security.


Team for rent OSS FZC caters to the storage needs of various industries such as OIL & GAS equipment storage, construction equipment, general cargo etc.


OSS FZC’s business started with the open storage facility in 2006. Since then the business has progressively undertaken a widening range of storage projects, expanding our service dimensions to new verticals within the logistics industry. With safety and personalized solutions at the heart of our services we have accrued clients of all sizes under our belt.